2014. január 25., szombat

Solidworks bicycle design.

Solidworks Bicycle center suspension mechnaism design.

This design  for develop bicycle trajectory in  tight curves.

This picture was taken after rendering. 


Andor J.

Founder of AndrewWorks

2014. január 22., szerda

Helmet Airbrush

Helmet Airbrush

After a big break I started to finish the helmet.  It  will  be superman designed. 

On the right you can see the step 1 and 2.

2014. január 19., vasárnap

Logo design method

If you want an outstanding logo just look at this.

I have a method to make logos  like edge lights in the pubs..

After 3D designing  need to  applying some effect to reach this.:
Do you like it? Please comment if you have any ides.

Have a good day.


My goal is to make real the ideas.Main profile is the product design.

My graphic company is always to ready make graphics with 2D or 3D technologies.

My idea is that the most important thing in business is the graphic of commercials and logos etc...



3D logo

My logo